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Taking our seeds home?

AUSTRALIAN STATES - no restrictions on the entry of our seeds.

OTHER COUNTRIES may impose rules on the entry of plant material and seeds. To check if your selection of seeds will be permitted into your home country  ...  [more]


Seed Sowing Guide

Each packet of wildflower seeds has specific instructions. For more information to assist in the growing experience see our Seed Sowing Guide.


Articles Of Interest

Over time we will add items of interest to the Articles list in the menu above. We may also add news items about wildflowers in season or a coming wildflower festival that you might enjoy.


Climate Zones

Zone adaptability of plants can vary with elevation, watering levels, aspect, soil type and more. This Australian Zone map provides a general guide to suitability zones for plants  ... [more]




Who We Are

Australian Wildflower Seeds Pty Ltd is a wholly-owned Australian company established to pack and distribute a range of Australian wildflower seeds and supporting information to Australian gardeners, visitors to Australia and those who cannot visit Australia.

Located in Perth, Western Australia we are able to obtain a wide range of Australian native seeds from this region and other regions of Australia. Australia generally has a high level of plant biodiversity with Western Australia in particular having the greatest diversity and is aptly known as the "Wildflower State".

We plan to develop this website into a gateway to an extensive range of information about the wildflowers of Australia and Australian products with a wildflowers theme.

What We Do

Our seeds are collected or acquired from other collectors, under licence, in accordance with legal and environmental guidelines. Through this we are able to ensure that all species supplied are true to form. Once the seed has been collected it is dried, cleaned and treated to ensure that you receive the best possible quality seeds.

Our company packages and distributes a presentation range in three product variations;

  • Presentation seed packets
  • Seven-pack Gift Folders
  • Everlasting seed Packs - 5,000 seeds and 10,000 seeds.

    As you will see, our products - completely Australian made, by the way - are beautifully presented, compact and highly attractive to both local gardeners and overseas visitors.

    Most of our products are suitable for export. The seeds are fumigated, thoroughly cleaned and then packed into heat-sealed foil sachets to protect against moisture, moulds, insects and so on.  This also extends the shelf life of the seeds - which runs into years in any case.

    Our Everlastings Seeds Packs do not use sealed foil sachets. These are packed into plastic press-sealed bags, as shown in our brochure and are not sufficiently well sealed for export to most countries.

    Please feel free to request a mailed copy of our highly attractive Colours of Australia brochure and to download our General Sowing Guide or our notes on Importing Australian Wildflower Seeds to assist you in finding out more about our fabulous product range. Alternatively, you may prefer to visit the other pages of our website to see that information and more.


Wildflower Seed Starter - Smoky Water

Wildflower Seed Starter (Custom).jpg Smoke - Magic Ingredient in Germination.

Smoke treatment can assist the germination of many Australian native plant seeds. Our Wildflower Seed Starter granules contain smoky water to help get your seeds started.

To find out if your selected seeds need Wildflower Seed Starter granules visit OUR SEEDS STORE (click here) and go to the page for your selected seeds, then click on the link to Cultivation Notes. The need (or not) for Seed Starter granules is shown at the end of the page of Cultivation Notes for each seed type.

For information about how to use the granules and HOW MUCH TO USE...[click here]


Wildflower Books and Photos

Books relating to native Australian wildflowers can be found from these suppliers;

Hundreds of fabulous wildflowers in full bloom in Perth's famous Kings Park & Botanic Garden can be viewed on the gladysclancy website.  (Our thanks to Gladys Bywaters for permission to link to her photo gallery.)

The Kings Park Wildflower Festival held each September provides a sensational display of Australian wildflowers. Perth's beautiful Spring weather makes it even more enjoyable. Coach tours from Perth to the wildflower regions are readily available from tour operators in Perth.


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We use PayPal to ensure secure financial transactions. You will be guided through the process once you add your selections to the shopping cart and go to the checkout.

At the start of the checkout stage you will be asked to register your name and other details in our website so that your order can be properly recorded and brought to our attention for processing.

NOTE: We use your details ONLY for parcel despatch and confirmation purposes.

Our Privacy Statement describes our approach to confidentiality and our business ethics.


See Wildflowers


Everlastings (Custom).jpgJULY to DECEMBER vist Western Australia's wildflower areas to see fabulous displays of wildflowers.

Souvenir shops in all areas have our seed packets available as gifts for friends or to take home to grow in your garden as a memento of your visit. [more]


Gift Idea


Gifts that grow and bloom will give joy on any gift-giving occasion and long afterwards. Ideal for family and friends in Australia or overseas. 

Compact, colourful, full of ongoing interest. Brilliant in any garden.

Try our Seven-pack Gift Folder ... or any of our other packets ...[more]


Stunning Sturt Pea

Sturt's Desert Pea usually seen in bloom in its natural habitat from about July to September or October. Can be grown in Temperate regions, flowering in Summer. Easy to germinate. Try it in your garden.  Many wildflowers bloom in Western Australia around the same time and beyond. [more]




Most of our seeds are best sown in Autumn & Winter after a short cold spell and rain, for a brilliant Springtime show of wildflowers, especially the many & varied paper daisies. Select from Our Seeds Store and design your own display.


Time To Sow


Everlastings (Custom).jpgQuick germinating! AUTUMN is the time to sow these EASY TO GROW seeds (and others from our range) to create a piece of Aussie wildflower country and a burst of springtime colour ... [more]

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